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GMO Myths and Truths updated, condensed, and now available as a book

Book giving the scientific case against genetically modified crops and foods is for sale on Amazon and in Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores. 2 March 2016

GMO Myths and Truths, the scientific case against genetically modified (GM) crops and foods, is now available as a book in a condensed and updated version (

The first edition of GMO Myths and Truths was published in 2012 and the second in 2014 as free online pdf downloads. The 2014 version is still available for free on the Earth Open Source website. Together, these online publications have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times by people all over the world.

The current third printed edition was produced in response to requests for a shorter publication in book form that could be easily read, carried around, and given to others.

It is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores, at a price of USD 17.95. Requests for larger numbers should be directed to the US distributor, Chelsea Green.

Co-author Claire Robinson said: “Many people find it difficult to read a long and detailed pdf document on their computer, and many people and organizations would prefer to present to policymakers and industry leaders a more concise, professionally produced book. We have been asked time and again for a ‘real’ book – and here it is!”

Co-author Dr Michael Antoniou said: “This book provides evidence that dismisses claims of a scientific consensus on GM food safety in a concise, accessible and easily digestible format.”

Co-author Dr John Fagan said: “When someone tells you there is no evidence that GMOs are risky for health and the environment, give them this book. It provides the essential evidence of harm concisely and clearly, and every point is referenced to peer-reviewed scientific research publications or other reports or documents that can be checked by the reader.”

Compared with the 2014 online version, the book offers new information, including:

  1. Why the study touted by GMO proponents as the “trillion meal study” showing GM foods are safe fails to provide any credible evidence for GMO safety
  2. Why the temporary uptick in India’s cotton yield in the early 2000s was not due to GM Bt cotton, but the current decline in yields is
  3. How industry’s own tests showed Bt eggplant was toxic and how the crop failed for two years running in Bangladesh – the opposite of GMO spinmasters’ claims
  4. How a peer-reviewed publication by over 300 scientists declares that there is no scientific consensus that GM crops and foods are safe
  5. Why the US government’s approval of GM crops engineered to resist the herbicides dicamba and glyphosate will create problems for farmers and health risks for consumers
  6. How a peer-reviewed paper shows claims that GM crops have reduced insecticide use are unreliable because they fail to consider escalating insecticide seed treatments in their calculations
  7. How a peer-reviewed gene expression analysis confirms that rats fed an ultra low dose of Roundup (within permitted regulatory limits) suffered liver and kidney damage.

Quotes about GMO Myths and Truths

“Many who defend the use of GMO crops and foods claim that there is no evidence that any GMO is harmful to health or the environment. But this is wrong. There is plenty of sound empirical evidence of such harm, presented by qualified scientists in peer-reviewed literature. This book is a succinct summary and documentation of that evidence.” – Richard Jennings, PhD, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, UK

“GMO Myths and Truths is a very important contribution to the GMO debate. Written in a clear and concise style, it is an invaluable reference for those wanting to learn more about the arguments of proponents and those critical of the technology. I found it of great value in my own efforts to better understand the issue. I hope this information will be widely available to students and to the general public.” – Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, and UN Messenger of Peace

“Using peer-reviewed studies and other documented evidence, GMO Myths and Truths deconstructs the false and misleading claims that are frequently made about the safety and efficacy of GM crops and foods. The book shows that far from being necessary to feed the world, GM crops are a risky distraction from the real causes of hunger. What is more, there is no reason to take this risk, since GM crops do not consistently raise yields, reduce pesticide use, or provide more nutritious food. GM crops and foods have not been shown to be safe to eat – and both animal feeding studies and non-animal laboratory experiments indicate that some GM foods, as well as most of the chemicals required to produce them, are toxic. Fortunately, the book shows that there are effective and sustainable alternatives to GM that can ensure a safe and plentiful food supply for current and future populations. GMO Myths and Truths is an invaluable and easy-to-read resource for everyone, including students, scientists, and members of the general public.” – David Schubert, PhD, Professor and Director, Cellular Neurobiology, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, California, USA

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