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Earth Open Source aims to restore the open source roots of the food system – collaboration, transparency, and shared knowledge and resources – to help feed humanity, increase equity, support self-reliance and foster healthy ecosystems.


  • Better farming practices and seed sharing
  • Equitable supply chains and trade
  • Safe, healthy food accessible to all
  • Nourishing livelihoods and local economies
  • Resilient communities and ecosystems.

Our work

Earth Open Source supports community-driven agriculture programs that promote local foods, indigenous medicine, and agroecological systems of farming. Our projects aim to improve the socio-economic condition of impoverished farmers, protect biodiversity and the environment, promote abundant yields, and preserve local farming traditions.
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Through the production of such Reports as GMO Myths and Truths and Roundup and Birth Defects, Earth Open Source is playing a major role in presenting the evidence regarding the social, environmental, and health impacts of GMO foods and pesticides to lawmakers and government regulators.
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Earth Open Source Institute is the research arm of Earth Open Source. The institute’s scientists are collaborating with respected researchers from leading international research organizations to investigate the potential harm to human health from GMOs and Pesticides.
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Earth Open Source is funded by private foundations and individual donors. During the years 2012-14 EOS received funding from the Isvara Foundation, a progressive trust that works to halt socially and environmentally destructive policies.

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