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Healing Herbs Nepal

In Nepal, people harvest herbal remedies straight from the forests and mountains where they live. These herbs are part of Nepal’s centuries-old indigenous Ayurvedic healthcare system which emphasizes disease prevention through proper diet and life style.
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Global Family Farms

Global Family Farms is a marketing channel to empower impoverished rural farmers to overcome poverty and economic exploitation by connecting them with international markets for premium organic and sustainable products.
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Lost Crops of Africa

Broad potential exists for Africa’s own native biodiversity to reduce the vulnerability of seriously at-risk people to food shortages. A report published by the Board on Science and Technology for International Development, Office of International Affairs, and National Research Council finds that the “Lost Crops of Africa” found in each African country surveyed can help provide food security in their native areas.
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Soy allergen study

Earth Open Source (EOS) proposes a series of studies of human health responses to GMOs. The scientific inquiries will be short-term, manageable, affordable and likely to produce definitive answers.
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GMO and pesticide health research

EOS Institute’s scientists are collaborating with respected researchers from leading international organizations to investigate potential harm to human health from GMOs and pesticides.
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Investigative reporting

Our investigative reporting project engages scientists, journalists, and professional writers to survey the scientific literature and the records of policy-making bodies. We collect the facts that often go unreported and present the information in accessible publications. Click here for a full list of our reports.
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