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Science policy expert challenges EFSA over biased review of aspartame

Erik Millstone, professor of science policy at the University of Sussex, has submitted a report to EFSA challenging its biased review of the artificial sweetener aspartame. EFSA had issued an opinion saying aspartame is safe, though history and much scientific evidence says otherwise. Prof Millstone emphasizes that a fundamental problem at EFSA is its asymmetrical [...]

The genetic engineering debate

In this classic article from The Ecologist, Australian psychiatrist Dr David Straton explains how genetic engineering is carried out and the risks posed by the technique. While the article dates from 1977, it is still relevant. Article summary: Genetic engineering has aroused an unprecedented controversy in the scientific world. It has been described by one Nobel [...]

Food can seriously damage your health

The horsemeat scandal is just the tip of the iceberg, as consumers don’t know what’s in their food, regardless of packaging fraud. More and more food contains residues of carcinogenic herbicides. The industry has a strong hold on Europe’s food safety agency, holding back independent standards and inspections. […]

The terrorism of stealth petrochemicals

By Evaggelos Vallianatos, 27 January 2013 Western civilization suffers from the delusion of replacing peasants and traditional culture with industrialized farmers. This goes hand-to-hand with another hazardous practice: privatizing and ruthlessly exploiting the natural world. This hubris has been infecting more than private corporate executives and governments, which, after all, have the models of nineteenth-century [...]

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Urgent need for long-term toxicity and cancer studies on GM foods press release: New website shows public lied to about GM maize study 7 January 2013. Contact: Claire Robinson A new website set up by scientists and citizens challenges criticisms of a landmark study [1] that found genetically modified (GM) maize damaged the health of rats. The group concludes there is an urgent need [...]

Scrambling food, threatening life

By Evaggelos Vallianatos 14 October 2012 The engineers who inserted the DNA bacterial gene, Bt, into corn assumed corn would produce nothing but a poison for the insects feeding on it. However, moving the Bt gene into the alien environment of corn, in addition to the insect-killing protein, the Bt gene could give birth to [...]

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