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Earth Open Source Institute is the research arm of Earth Open Source. The institute’s scientists are collaborating with respected researchers from leading international organizations to investigate potential harm to human health from GMOs and pesticides. The scientific inquiries are short-term, affordable and aim to produce definitive answers. Frequently, they examine direct consequences to human health, not animal models that provide indirect evidence.

Current projects include:
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GM allergy studies

Earth Open Source is pursuing a series of studies to determine if there are human health responses to GMOs. Reports by individuals of allergic reactions suspected to be caused by GM soy and reports by farmers of reactions to GM cotton suggest that allergic responses are fertile ground for scientific evaluation. Earth Open Source is fostering collaboration among a number of allergists whose patients complained of unexplained reactions to soy in their diets or to cotton through their work.
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Pesticide exposure project

Dramatic increases in the use of several pesticides in recent years has sparked renewed interest in the effects on our bodies, our food, and the environment. Currently in the pilot stage, Earth Open Source is serving as a link between communities that have been exposed to high levels of pesticides and laboratories that can provide testing to demonstrate levels of exposure.
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