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The terrorism of stealth petrochemicals

By Evaggelos Vallianatos, 27 January 2013 Western civilization suffers from the delusion of replacing peasants and traditional culture with industrialized farmers. This goes hand-to-hand with another hazardous practice: privatizing and ruthlessly exploiting the natural world. This hubris has been infecting more than private corporate executives and governments, which, after all, have the models of nineteenth-century robber barons in mind. Scientists [...]

January 27th, 2013|

Russia’s small-scale agriculture proves highly productive

By The Bovine In 1999, 35 million small family plots produced 90% of Russia’s potatoes, 77% of vegetables, 87% of fruits, 59% of meat, 49% of milk — way to go, people! And since 1999, it seems things have only gotten better when it comes to small-scale agriculture in Russia.  […]

January 20th, 2013|

Urgent need for long-term toxicity and cancer studies on GM foods press release: New website shows public lied to about GM maize study 7 January 2013. Contact: Claire Robinson A new website set up by scientists and citizens challenges criticisms of a landmark study [1] that found genetically modified (GM) maize damaged the health of rats. The group concludes there is an urgent need for long-term toxicity and cancer [...]

January 8th, 2013|

Scrambling food, threatening life

By Evaggelos Vallianatos 14 October 2012 The engineers who inserted the DNA bacterial gene, Bt, into corn assumed corn would produce nothing but a poison for the insects feeding on it. However, moving the Bt gene into the alien environment of corn, in addition to the insect-killing protein, the Bt gene could give birth to other proteins with unpredictable behavior [...]

October 14th, 2012|