Philippines agricultural secretary tells sugar farmers to go organic

Teresa Ellera-Dulla, Sun.Star Bacolod, 6 August 2011 Agriculture Secretary Proseso Alcala is pushing the local farmers to go organic, as there is now a great demand for organic products, especially organic muscovado. “Right now while we still have time, I am encouraging the sugar planters to slowly convert into organic farming because there is now a [...]

Raw food co-op is raided in California

Ian Lovett, New York Times, 4 August, 2011 LOS ANGELES – Raw food enthusiasts fit right in here, in the earthy, health-conscious beach communities of Venice and Santa Monica, along with the farmers’ markets, health food stores and vegan restaurants. But this week, the police cleared the shelves of Rawesome, an establishment in Venice Beach, loading $70,000 [...]

Truth about packaged foods manufacturers never want you to know

IB Times, 6 Aug 2011 It will be an understatement to say consumers are being constantly fooled by packaged food manufacturers. Though many read the ingredients list and calorific content printed on the package, people tend to overlook unpronounceable chemicals’ names and be content if there is relatively less sugar and calories. […]

Organically produced natural foods guarantee good health says Dr Arnold

Ghana News Agency, 5 Aug 2011 Food items produced from organic farming is nature’s prescription for good health, speakers at a seminar on diabetes in Ho advised on Wednesday. The seminar under the auspices of “The Life for the Living Medical Centre and Buem Micro-farming Project and Co-operative Society” was attended by medical doctors, agriculturists, [...]

Earth Open Source response to Monsanto

Earth Open Source (EOS), 14 June 2011 Monsanto responded to our report, “Roundup and birth defects: Is the public being kept in the dark?” in a statement on its website. Monsanto said, “Regulatory authorities and independent experts around the world agree that glyphosate does not cause adverse reproductive effects in adult animals or birth defects [...]

South Africa GMO project ends in ruin

A GM soy and maize farming project in South Africa has ended in disaster for poor farmers. A report on the project says the GM maize and soya failed to address food security needs of the local population. The production methods undermined traditional agricultural production, making the farmers depend on expensive agrochemical inputs. […]

Prince Charles calls for better understanding of benefits of organic farming

Louise Gray, Environmental Corespondent, The Telegraph, 28 Jul 2011 Consumers would buy more organic produce if they better understood the environmental and health risks of conventional farming, the Prince of Wales has said. During a visit to Britain’s largest organic pig farm, the Prince learned about the benefits of cutting down on chemicals, as well [...]